As a 3rd generation luxury property development company, Ruuhm, we take pride in working with people who are a good fit within our family business. 

We had the good fortune of working with John on two projects, No. 3 and 5 Beenak Ave, Brighton East (2016), and 16 Nepean Avenue, Hampton East (which broke a suburb record at the time for a duplex in 2017).  John was quick to come up with solutions and handled objections from neighbours diligently.

Michael - www.ruuhm.com.au

3 & 5 Beenak Ave Brighton East- 16 Nepean Ave Hampton East)

Back in 1990 I purchased an old double fronted free standing house in Brunswick.  I never spent a cent on it over the next 30 or so years.  As the dwelling gradually deteriorated, the land value soared so I decided that rather than renovate, I'd explore developing the site into two townhouses.

First thing I did was contact John Campbell of 3rd Dimension Developments who had been referred to me by a friend who had used John to re-develop in Doncaster.  I'm glad I did.  From the word 'go' John arranged and undertook the whole planning process for me;  from planning, drafts and drawings through to manoeuvring through the huge array of hurdles courtesy of local Council. 

The process took time, but I was in no hurry, and more importantly to me I didn't need to do a thing other that approve the processes undertaken by John.  Once the process was complete and I had all the necessary approvals and permits, I placed the property on the market.  Five builders and developers actively bid at the Auction and I would estimate the quality 'ready to go' plans and drawings increased the selling price by about $200K. 

The process proved to be a great short term and low risk investment for me, and I have no doubts the returns I got was largely due to the professionalism and quality work undertaken by John. 

Michael N.

My wife and I had an exceptionally positive experience designing our family home with John. We have built our double story home in 2017 as owner builders and the project was not empty from hiccups from the beginning. We engaged John to draw up our custom design home when we heard good things about his work. Our site was unique in terms of dimension and elevations, and due to unforeseen amendments to land plans we had to completely change our house drawings. Aside from being very practical and knowledgeable, John was very sympathetic and highly cooperative and understanding. He made sure that we achieved the outcome we needed throughout the project.

I confess that I, as the owner builder, have given him hard time even during the building project. Because he prides himself with his work, he made sure that he met with my trades onsite when I needed him to work things out and get the project moving.

I will undoubtedly ask John to design my next project if he agrees to, of course.

Sinan Daniel

John is a consummate professional - we experienced first class customer service and a level of attention to detail never seen before. John is meticulous, thorough and patient. He provided some amazing insights into how quality buildings should be designed and also guided us through the design and approval processes. Would highly recommend 3rdDimension Developments and will be using John's services again in the future.

Sam Iaconessi