The 3rdDD Story

3rd Dimension Developments (3dD) originated in 2004 as a collective of highly trained and experienced professionals that specialize in the delivery of custom home & multi-unit townhouse developments. This includes obtaining a lot of approvals from town planning/city council on some very complex sites in Melbourne.

We provide a comprehensive service beginning at the proposed acquisition of your suitable piece of land to the clinking of glasses as we celebrate the completion of your property/development. We could also be referred to as your ‘One Stop Shop’ for multi-unit townhouse developments.

Our Aim is to provide a superior professional streamline service purely focusing our expertise within a purposely limited scope of works towards residential developments up to a scale of 4 units and single bespoke homes.

Finally we do not believe in sales catch lines to have to win work and that the proof is always in the results as that is what our clients will remember foremost, along with how professional & honestly they have been communicated with during this period.

If a service that offers these core values integrity interest you then we look forward to meeting you shortly.

All the best on your future developments.

From 3dD Management.